MDE says FPP can be done *30* days out with a room ressie!?

Ok, this is weird. I just booked a package for next May (room and tickets) and on MDE it lists that reservation as being able to book FPP “as soon as 30 days” before arrival. Isn’t it supposed to be 60 with a room reservation!?

On my MDE, I have one DVC room for 3 people (we don’t have park tix yet) and the new room I just booked through DIsney for 2 people (my parents finally agreed to come too, so I added them to my account and booked the room) with the tickets. MDE says that the new room can book 30 days out, and that the other members of my party can’t book anything as we don’t have tickets (that part makes sense),

Any ideas what is going on? :frowning:

I would wait and see if it straightens itself out in a few days. MDE may not be “seeing” the second ressie.