MDE Records

We’re reconciling receipts from our Dec 2019 visit and wondering how to view a list of our dining plan credit usage? During our visit it was on the MDE app, but it’s gone now. Is it stored somewhere online? We want to plan dining and snacks for our next trip, but can’t remember all of the places we ate and how much we spent in dining plan credits.

As far as I know, once it’s gone it’s gone. It might be worth a call though, to see if the info can be retrieved.

Do you have the receipts for your dining? They should show any dining credits redeemed.

Don’t forget to factor in the changes to the dining plan they made for 2020.

Thanks, I think I’ll try and give them a call.

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Not sure if I have all of the receipts - we were there for 10 days. They’re so many restaurants and snacks that I’d like to try next time, just trying not to duplicate.

Just to follow up - I called Disney in January and the guest services rep was able to tell me all of the dining credits previously listed in the MDE app. They also told me which Fast Passes we used (time and date). This will be quite useful when planning our next visit.

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