MDE question

When we went last year, I set up an MDE account and added DH and DS. I did all the FPP etc.

I am about to plan a trip for my sister and her family, and my parents. None of them have an account. They may split up in the parks, though they’ll always be in the same park. However, most of the time they’ll be together so I will be booking more or less the same FPs for them. Ideally they will be able to then adjust their own as needed during the day or book new ones.

What’s the best way to do this? If they each set up an account, can they be linked so I can book FP for all of them at once?


I would have one adult in sister’s family set up a MDE and one of your parents set up a MDE. everyone else should just be a profile under the others’ MDE accounts. Link everyone as friends and family to each other and to your account. Then you can make all the FPP and they can each log into their own MDE to change or modify their FPP as needed. An alternative choice would be just to build them all profiles under your MDE but you would need to give them your log in information for them to manage FPPs while in the park from the APP. They need to have access so some MDE for FPP management while touring or they would be forced to make changes and book 4th FPP etc from the kiosks. Honestly, I set up my brother and mother’s MDE for them. Linking everyone and assigning tickets as needed and then just gave them their log in information.

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Thanks, that sounds pretty straightforward!