MDE problem?

Cancellation of ADR’s is currently unavailable? Is this the case for everyone? I am seeing this for the first time. Is there something wrong with MDE on the web?

Disney’s MDE and associated website have been having all kinds of technical issues lately. Keep checking back. There are several threads lamenting Disney’s IT issues. :frowning:

Ok…Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t just me!

I was able to cancel one on the app. It did not look like it did, but when I attempted again it gave me the call this number, so I refreshed (again) and it was gone. It is gone in MDE on the computer as well.

Same problem here. Had to cancel via the app.

I had the opposite problem. I could only cancel on web, but then the reservation is still listed in the app. At least EVERYTHING on MDE is a problem! :thinking: Keeps us out of trouble I guess.

I can cancel my ADRs from the app, but my parents can’t (going same week, two separate reservations). I, however, can’t modify my hotel/package reservation on the app or through the website.

Their technical issues are getting old. I had so much trouble when my FPP window opened I gave up and missed some prime times (I had to go to work so didn’t have much of a choice).

I’m having this problem too. And I want to cancel EMM so I have to do it from the website. It’s driving me crazy!

Try deleting the app and downloading it again. Your canceled reservation should be gone when you log back in.

Looks like they fixed it last night. I was able to login and cancel reservations again late last night. Who knows if it will stay that way or if they’ll have issues again soon. My biggest fear is a bug with the app while we’re in the parks where I can’t modify fast passes. Was really able to use that to our advantage last year.

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I was practicing for today’s 60 window, by using 30 day window yesterday. Yowza. MDE was so screwed up, even when I used incognito option. Continued bad, so I called disney IT. They told me entire system was basically not working, so everybody yesterday was in the same boat. They said I could call them this morning if continued broken. That they’d work on fpps with me, to get set up.

Luckily, all went very well for all fpps today. Started off looking a bit wonky, so I switched to incognito just in case.

I was able to get all fpps we needed for all 9 of party. Only missing FOP, but it’s our 1st park day in AK, so we’ll just RD super early, which is working for a lot of folks.

Good idea. I will try.

That’s what I did also, and it worked.

last night the website and the app seemed to be working…was able to get everything done that needs to be done at this time…as we all know planning a Disney trip is an ever evolving process…hahaha