MDE not pulling my plans

Before I spend my afternoon on the phone with Disney IT, is MDE glitching across the board? At first I figured that was the case, but I haven’t been able to pull up my plans since yesterday. I’ve tried the app, mobile site, and desktop site.

I’ve never had a problem with MDE at all. Am I now in for a horrible time of it?

I just checked on the websites d I can see my plans.

Awww fudge. I’ve never read any stories about an easy and effective Disney IT fix. I’m not looking forward to this.

Which plans? Some plans actually don’t pull in.

All plans. The usual screen with hotel, ADR and FP is just an error message. :sob:

It did that for me under certain tabs, but not others. And sometimes just waiting a minute would populate it.

I’m sorry. It’s so aggravating.

I haven’t been able to get anything in about 24 hours. I’ve certainly had annoying glitches in the past, which is why I didn’t worry at first. (Although I was pretty cheesed because the errors caused me to miss TWO res finder ADRs yesterday.)

But when I still couldn’t pull anything up this morning, I started to worry. I know the system still has at least some of our info because it won’t let me book FP since we already have our 3/day booked. It did, however, let me make an ADR that I know conflicts with one I already have. I’m not worried that my whole trip is gone, but I’ve read so many stories about people spending inordinate amounts of time on vacation trying to get their account & magic bands working that I’m pretty concerned about that part.

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Me too @natalie_lawy_834189 I can see My Plans on the app but NOT on my computer.

At what point are you going to call?
I’ve heard those stories too. :worried::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

We’re out for the afternoon, but I will call them this evening. Sigh.

I pray they reappear by then!!!

Crap in a hat.

I’m sure it’s just being glitchy. But ugh

Exactly. I’m not having a big freak out but I also dread trying to fix it. Not how I want to spend my time. Crap in a hat pretty much sums it up.

But hopefully I’ll get some anytime FP’s or something for my pains, right?

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I’m shocked, but everything seems fine!!! I was able to see everything by switching to an incognito tab. So I figured there must be something funky with cookies. I deleted the app and reinstalled, and it was fine; cleared cookies in my browser and now it’s fine too. Phew.



Print that screen fast!!!

That’s a good idea.

you seem to have it going now. :smiley: Relief
I had a similar problem and what fixed it was to use Google Chrome. Since then I read that Google Chrome or Firefox works best. (With your desk top computer)

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Yes, those two are the only browsers I ever use because they work best for pretty much everything. I don’t know what was wrong, but I’m glad I’m back in business.