MDE Not Allowing Multiple Oga's Reservations?

Anyone else not able to book multiple ADRs at Oga’s? Planning a family trip in February but we haven’t locked in our dates yet… Trying to get ADRs on a couple different dates, just until we book our flight. I get no availability at all on any day in February, unless I try to modify my current ADR. Then there’s a ton of options. :thinking:

We were able to get multiple reservations in February. Our 180 days was two weeks ago and we got a 1:25 pm on 2/11 and a 5:00 pm on 2/13.

Weird. I just checked on the last open day in Feb (2/19) for a party of 4 and there is literally nothing showing at any time all day… Unless I try to modify. Then just about every single time is open.

Are you using incognito?

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Ours is a party of 3. Strange that it opens up only when you modify,

No…I’m in the world, on my phone. Left my computer back at home, but I’ll try that when I’m back next week.

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If you’re using Google Chrome on an Android you can use incognito mode from your phone. No idea about iPhones!

:bulb: ! I did not know that.

I have two current bookings (Sept & January) took a look on Feb 19 and was able to pull up a dinner for 4 at Oga’s.

Incognito tab worked! Thanks for the tip, @kerrilux and @rachelgberger ! The browser is waaaay slower and more cumbersome than the app, but I was able to get another day as a backup! :grinning: