MDE - managing children

My husband added our annual passes via his MDE account. Our 6 year old son’s AP is only showing up on my husband’s side. How do we link it so that I can make and manage FPP reservations for my son also?

Not positive, but I don’t think you can. Accounts are owned by the person themselves, or else managed by the account that created them.

You cannot share kids back and forth meaning your husband will have to manage and own your son. If you’ve decided your husband is terrible at it, Disney IT should be able to give your son’s account ID and his AP to you.

I have found large families having to create one MDE in order to organize the kids, using a family email account to run it all.

Thanks. Our 60 days was at midnight and I just logged in as my husband in order to make our FPP. We will most likely just have a family account in the future.