MDE & Luggage delivery with a flight arriving at 4:55 AM

Our flight time was bumped up from arriving at 6:02 AM to arriving at 4:55 AM. When I called MDE to both make the reservation & ask what do I do with the luggage if it’s 5 minutes before the 5AM start of luggage delivery the answer from the CM was: I would take them just in case, but you can always stick the tags on & see what happens?

Since I am not a see what happens kinda girl ESPECIALLY with luggage, what from your experience would happen? Or what would you do? I think the answer is just grab them ourselves & not even bother with the tags, but I was so sold on the whole, your bags show up in your room magically and we are heading to RD at DHS right after the MDE drops us off so I am a little less excited about having to drag all the stuff through the airport with two kids.

TIA for any help you all may have from your eons of experience!

Hi Loraine! No experience with MDE as we always have a car, however I have plenty of experience with this

I would get it yourself that way you have everything you need plus no worrying. I don’t think I would ever be comfortable with checking my bags and having them magically appear somewhere. Nope, never going to happen. OCD wins everytime! :wink:

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I would get my own luggage. You will have to wait for a park to open anyways and even the food courts most likely will not be open. Get the luggage and then check it with bell services at the hotel.

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I would grab them. I would not be able to relax all day wondering if they made it or not.

Thanks ladies for your reassurance! Our plan is to gas up & go to DHS so it will be good to know that the bags are safely at the resort instead of trying to figure that out at the parks. Now I’m thinking that we most definitely need to bring a stroller instead of rent one so we have its help in toting some bags and sleepy kids through the airports.


If you can bring your own stroller (and many airlines don’t count that as extra), you’re ahead of the game. You miss out on the advantage of being ready to tour at RD if you have to stand in a line to rent a stroller. Just make sure the stroller you bring is comfortable for you to push. We used the $12 Walmart specials and my (tall) husband found that hard on his back.