MDE linking family

Ok, this may be a little confusing and long, but I need help! I am going on a group (school) trip to Disney at the end of March. We have set up a group mde account like we were told to, but the problem is that if we give the kids the password they can change other people fastpasses if they were being silly or mean. So, I thought I had a solution today by clicking connect through email. I successfully connected mine to my personal mde. Then I tried to connect my dad’s to mine also and when I did he disappeared and now had my name on all of the reservations and I no longer show up on the group account, but still am connected with my fastpasses to my personal account. I got the problem fixed with my dad and he shows up on both my mde and the group mde, but got disconnected so I never got mine reconnected to the group. So, my first question is, can I make myself appear on the group mde without calling mde back? and how can I connected my mom, sister, and bil to my personal mde without the trouble I had when I connected my dad? We would like to do this for the students as well.

I am sorry, I do not know, but I am responding in an attempt to move this to the top.

Goodness that’s quite a tangled MDE mess. I hate to say it but I think you might have to resort to calling IT and having them straighten it out for you and then maybe they can give you instructions to give to the students.

Update: I called today and you have to talk to IT for it to work.

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