MDE issues?

Is anyone having issues seeing their reservations or logging in for FPP reservations? I logged into MDE and for some reason it’s “encountering a problem” with my reservation, then signs me out. When I go to the FPP and click “Sign in to Start” it says “unable to put this page together” (with a cute Olaf grabbing his head) :-). Tomorrow is our FPP reservation day, so I’m making sure I’m familiar with as much as I can, as this is my first time. Thanks!

Yeah. MDE seemed to be having problems all day. Seems to be okay now though.

Thank you, but unfortunately, I’m still having issues. I’m hoping when I log in to get our Fastpasses it’ll be all better. :slight_smile:

Did you try clearing cookies and cache and all that?

No, I haven’t tried that, yet. I’ll do that, now. Thanks.

That worked! Thank you!