MDE issues while in the park?

We are not there yet, but it seems like MDE has been having technical issues for the past week or so. As of right now, the issue with my own account is that my daughter’s ticket is still not showing up, but she’s listed under our FPP still. Every time I call the message warns it’s a 60+ minute wait, so I’m just hoping they fix it…

BUT, assuming there are issues with MDE in the parks, what is the workaround? I’ve never been there with Magic Bands- do Magic Bands still work when the MDE is having issues? Is there something that I should do when we check in?

I’ve heard about Magic Bands not unlocking doors, the phone app not working to unlock doors, but I wonder if there are ever issues with Magic Bands when you tap to go into a park? Any advice on what to do if things go wrong would be great! We are a party of 9 so I’m just guessing one of us will have an issue at some point…

I have the same problem with my friend’s ticket on my account. Disney says to be patient, it is still there supposedly and they will fix it asap. Ummm-hmmm…….

36 days out so hopefully by then they finish the “enhancements”

Screen shot your ADRs/FPPs just in case. And if things don’t work when you are there, they will send you to guest services. My daughter’s MagicBand didn’t let her into the park on like day 5 of our trip in 2017 so off we went. They gave us a card to enter and then reset her MagicBand or something and then it worked again later that day.