this normal?

So I just created an account for my husband so that we can be linked on MDE and he can also try for BG for ROTR. But now my MDE shows two versions of every FPP; one with me and my two kids, and one with all four of us. Is this an error??

After Hollywood Studios changed their FastPass tiers this week, I was frantically dropping and adding my passes since my Toy Story Midway pass shifted to Tier 2, allowing me to pick up a Tier 1. And as people dropped Slinky Dog to add the Millenium Falcon ride, I was able to pick that up and then move it up three or four times. And every so often, I’d see both the old ones and the new ones in my account. But within a few minutes, the old Fastpasses went away leaving only the new ones. It’s a phenomenon known as “caching” where the system remembers what it just downloaded (even though it’s now out of date). Chances are that it’s straightened up now.