MDE Help Please

We went to Disney last year and I set up an MDE account for myself and added my husband, kids, and mom as Friends and Family. None of them have their own account. This year I want my husband to have an account so we can tackle ADR day together. We already have hotel and tickets linked to my account. When I set up an account for my husband and imported myself and the others using our reservation number it duplicated my husband on both of our Friends and Families list. How do I fix this? Thanks!

Contact Disney customer service. I had this happen and they got it straightened out. It wasn’t right away though. If your trip is many months out, they might tell you it will take a week or so. It’s no big deal if you don’t have your FPP day coming up soon. If you are much closer to your trip date I’m sure they prioritize it and get it done faster.

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