Mde & fpp

In a fruitless quest, I’m looking to get a FPP for TSMM on 6/25. When I search “Morning” “Afternoon” “Evening” it comes up empty. Would it help to cycle through exact times? I made it to 3:30 before I pissed off the computer and got Olaf telling me I broke the internet.

Wow, at 30 days out, I wonder if they are really all taken. I’d keep checking.

There are no and have not been. From when they close TSMM to make the new entrance till the opening of Toy Story Land there are no fast passes, even though the ride will be open and running as of 6-18. I have been checking to see if they release fast passes for the last 35 days. TSMM will reopen 6-18 and TSL opens 6-30 but until then no fast passes.:sob:

Actually, we don’t know anything about what’s happening to TSMM after the announced closure dates. They haven’t specifically said it will re-open.

So it could stay closed, it could re-open with just one line, with all 3 lines, with or without FPs, with only same day FPs. Anything at all!

I suspect they are waiting to see how things go during that closure period.

Everything still points to a tight finish to opening day of TSL.

I thought I heard that people had gotten fast passes after the reopen on 6/18, but it must be after 6/30.