MDE, FP+, and large group

I'm so excited! After waiting more than to weeks for a broker to find us a DVC match for renting BLT (and driving myself crazy with worry as room classes booked foull), we gave up when we got an incredible deal at the Poly! Same dates and almost the same cost! Sure I'm gicing up a kitchen, but we've never gotten to try the Poly before.

But now I'm a bit confused. We're going to have three separate reservations at the Poly. The reservations were made by an agent and I now have confirmation numbers for all 3 rooms. One of the rooms does not have anyone with an MDE account (or any desire to have one). So I've added those people to my account and attached their and my reservation to my MDE account.

The 3rd room / family have an MDE account. However they don't have any interest in making their own FP+, dinner reservations, etc.

Am I going to be better off setting up names in my account for them or linking their account and mine? If we are joined then I have to copy FP+ to them, right? Would it be easier to have them in my account and do us all as a group? Are there other differences that I should be aware of?

In other words, what are the advantages and disadvantages of having a large group on one MDE account vs. multiple joined MDE accounts? Other advice on logistics for large groups? (We've done big trips before, so we know about need for alone time and such.)


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Yes, you can make MDE accounts for each of them. They don't have to do anything or be a part of the FP planning. You can do it all for them using the profiles you set up.

However, you might run into trouble on the money end of things. You'll need a CC linked to the room (I think - I know nothing about DVC so maybe it's different) so at some point they might have to become responsible for their own trip plans.

If they have no interest in setting up MDE accounts and making FPP reservations and ADRs, then I would not bother doing it for them. Liner Chat and the Forum regularly have stories about the headaches the one planner has when dealing with a large, reluctant group. Make plans for your immediate family, and let the others fend for themselves. Sounds heartless, but why let others spoil your vacation?

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I think I may have given the wrong impression. They are not a disinterested group. They are just used to my being the one who does the planning. I'm obsessive that way. I did our family's first touring plan (using the Unofficial Guide) in 1985, when I was 11. To be honest, I think they know better than to get in my way! (I hope some of the other planners know what I mean.)

They participated in resort selection and plan on voting on restaurants and ride selection.

My questions are really logistical in nature. I am assuming that it is easier for only one person to be in charge of FP+. Thanks for the help.

they know better than to get in my way I love it. haha. My fam is same way, thank goodness. Told me to pick all rides w/o their input even, they trusted my judgement! I did go over a few of rides on phone with them b4 fpp'd. When got to parks, understanding was if had free time in plan, could try to fit in extra requests as we went along. Worked out great. Especially since It;s a bug show at AK was being refurbished. haha. don't like that show at all.

I'm also following this thread, in case next trip the group extends to more fam along.