MDE email change

Because I hadn’t heard from my TA by 6:45am, I wisely went ahead and booked another reservation with FD using an alternate email address. I assumed that when I got confirmation from my TA, we would just cancel the 2nd reservation and keep the one connected to my MDE. I heard from her at 9am and it didn’t look promising, so I told her what I’d done. She said when everything settles down, we would cancel the original res and keep the one I made this morning. I didn’t mention to her about using a different email. Will it be an issue to connect the new res to my MDE since it’s under a different email? I can’t create a new MDE because all my ADRs and a dessert party are linked to it.

They can fix it. I started emailing DVC about Copper Creek under one of my other email addresses. I did not want them to bother me. Funny, I ended up buying . I contacted IT and they fixed everything.

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Nothing to stop you from having two MDE accounts. You can have them become friends so you can “see” everything. That being said I am sure there is a way to have Disney move the reservation or combine the two accounts.

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I just called and said, “I think I used the wrong email and I want everything on the same account.”