MDE Dining Reservation Frustration

I just found a California Grill reservation for 7:45 on the day I was looking for. I was in the process of reserving the spot, all I had left to do was click “confirm”. When I did this, it took me back to the screen to log into MDE. By the time I logged back in, the reservation was gone :frowning: So sad!! Has this happened to anyone else?

Boo! That’s frustrating! Haven’t had that happen but I haven’t made many reservations. Hope another time slot will come along that will suit just as well for your trip.

That’s extremely frustrating! I had a similar issue when trying to book a new Akershus ADR. Try checking back again. I kept rechecking and eventually the same ADR showed up about 2 hours later. Good luck!!!

I got frustrated trying to make ADR’s using MDE too and ended up making them over the phone.

Same thing happened to me. A sweet liner was giving up their Dessert Party and messaged me through facebook. I saw the opening, clicked it and went to confirm and it took me back to the login page! I lost the reservation. I called Disney to see if they could some how make it right but I knew it was gone. So sad!

It happens to me all the time. I hate their website. And to further frustrate things if you click on the time and then it errors our it holds it in your card for 20 minutes so calling in wont do you any good either till it releases back into inventory. Wait about 20 minutes and check online again or then call in.

That actually happened to me when I was trying to book my FPP. Do you have the latest version? This was happening a lot on the last version, but downloading the new one did seem to help me.

5 ADRs last trip. No problems. 14 ADRs upcoming trip. No problems. But I have heard of others having a similar problem as the one you described.

ADR day is next week for me. I want to add my credit card in the system so I won’t have to add it when I’m making my ADRs online. MDE not letting me add a card (it lets me select type of card but gives me to place to add the card info).

Maybe other companies have the same problems but don’t have an entire cottage industry of blogs and forums reporting on it so we just don’t know about it . . . but I doubt it. This technology is really pathetic.

I was using my laptop, so maybe it has something to do with the internet browser? Not sure…

I feel your pain. I have been trying to make our dining reservations this morning and keep getting the " We’re sorry, there is a problem searching for reservations at this time."

This has happened to me twice this week. Once for CM and GG. So frustrating!

ADR day today. Got one. Only one. Because after I got the first one the system kept giving me “sorry, there was a problem loading the information. Please try again.” Most of mine should be easy but I may have lost out on our desired times for a couple ADRs.

I was using the ipad so I switched to my phone. But when I’m on my phone it doesn’t allow me to book at 180+10. I logged out, logged back in, cleared cookies. Same problem.

Stupid software.

we had another weird prob with adr. CM was the big ticket for my 4yr dgs first day. booked 180 ahead no prob. checked b4 left no prob. that day, iphone says for 2 people not 5. had to trek all way to town hall, wait long line, lose in confusion w fam time frame of fpp, plus time in park wasted hour or more. town hall fixed, said was correct in all mde, just wrong on iphone. oh brother. at least they gave us a replacement anytime fpp, but we never got to use since lost so much time that day. was nice anyway to give away to another fam later. stupid mde.