MDE dining question

Is there a way to book two separate dining reservations at the same time in MDE? I’m trying to make dinner reservations at 'Ohana for 4. When I selected 4 people, the only availability was at 345. But when I put in 3, I could get a 530 table which I booked.

I tried putting in a request for another 2 person reservation and there is availability at 520, but when I try to book it, MDE prompts me to cancel my existing reservation. It showed zero availability when I tried to book a single person reservation which is why I tried for two. I guess maybe I have to call to get one more added to my reservation?

You can change the members of you party to “guest” and then have one of them book under their name, or create an MDE account under their name. Or you can call.

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If changing the number in your party does not work you can call. I was making ADRs for a group of 12. I could not find anything so I called and they were able to book 2 reservations for 6ea at the same time for me. The cast member told me they have the ability to do that but you cant do it yourself online

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Thanks for the replies! I’ll call this morning.

The CM I spoke to was adamant that she could not add an extra person to my reservation and could only book a four person reservation at 345. She also confirmed there were no availability for a single person at any time during the dinner service. I tried to explain to her what we were trying to do and she kept insisting it was a fire code issue (even though I could see the available 2 person reservation).

So I just asked her to please book the two person reservation that I could see on MDE for 5:20, which she did. I guess the four of us will show up for 5:20 and ask to be seated together, which is what I was planning to do if I could have booked the two reservations in MDE myself. That should work, right?

Yes, that should be fine.

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That should work, as usual it always depend what cast member you get on the phone.

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What they said. I’d call back if I wasn’t satisfied with the first CM. CM roulette is always a fun game to play.

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One thing to bear in mind - Ohana has quite a few 3 person tables unlike most restaurants which put 3 people at a table for 4. So it may not be as easy for them to combine your reservations, which may mean a longer wait

Good to know! Thank you!

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