MDE combining several members

Me and 2 of my kids (16,13) will be in the parks from 6/6-6/9. My brother and his two kids (14,11) will also be joining us. As well as my friend who lives in Orlando and his daughter (14).
It’ll be my friend who lives in Orlando and his daughter’s first time going. He’s going to create a MDE account.
I already have an MDE account as does my brother.
I’m going to be in charge of booking everything, genie + and VQs. How should I do this?
Do I just link my brother’s MDE and his kids to my account? And then link my friend’s new MDE account to mine?
Or should I just create new members under my account?

Link everyone.

Do not create new profiles, that won’t work because they will be treated as different people and the tickets won’t be linked to the right profile, meaning you won’t be able to book for everyone.


Don’t have them create new profiles? Or I shouldn’t create new names on my MDE account for them?

Don’t create new names on your account for them.

Link their existing profiles - which have their tickets and park reservations attached - to you.

Invite them to join your friends and family group, have them accept.
Do the same for the kids, using the email address of whoever manages them.

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Thanks for the advice. My friend who lives in Orlando will be buying his own tickets, so I’ll link him to my account. My older brother, however, I might buy his tickets over the phone. If so, is it ok if I buy his tickets on my MDE account, then “give them to him” or “link them” to his MDE account later?