MDE app

Is there a way to set the app so it doesn’t require a password at every login? I fried my own phone and borrowed a friend’s old phone for our trip. I’m used to Touch ID to login and typing out a password every bleeping time is driving me nuts. And I can’t find a “save password” option!

I guess I could just change it to something easier to type.

(Using an iPhone 5.)

I just checked it out… there appears to be a check box on the login screen that lets you set “Allow Touch ID” for login. (iPhone 6s+, but should be the same on the 5)

I have an iPhone 5 and I don’t see the “Allow Touch ID” option. =o( I just have a check box that says “Show Password”.

The iPhone 5 does not have TouchID, does it?

Mickey is correct - no TouchID on the iPhone 5. TouchID debuted on the 5s…

Changing the password to something short is likely easiest as a short-term workaround…

Thanks everyone.

Yes, there’s no Touch ID. Basic password coming up.