MDE APP update

I canceled an ADR using my computer but my MDE app still has it listed. How do I get the app to update the changes?

In MDE go to the ADR reservation you wish to cancel directly. Where is says Cancel reservation, click cancel. It should come back with reservation canceled and disappear from the list of ADR’s in MDE.

I actually have the same problem- I canceled an ADR and replaced it with another ADR on my desktop at the same time. I got emails confirming my cancellations and the new ADRs. When I go to my Disney account on my computer, it shows the correct reservations but my MDE still shows both reservations. I tried cancelling the old ADRs on MDE but it never goes through (probably because it doesn’t really exist). I’m assuming MDE has a glitch. I think if you hold onto your email showing the cancellation it’ll be ok. Please post if something changes!

Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. That was the only thing that worked for me a few times.

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I know I have had problems trying to change a reservation to another reservation online. That’s why I went to the online MDE and to the reservation itself. I believe it states beside the reservation number that you can select modify or cancel. I pressed cancel and it stated are you sure you want to cancel and I clicked yes. I then stated the reservation has been canceled and removed it from my MDE reservation list. To replace it with another different reservation I simply went out to the Make a new reservation and made it that way.

I’ve realized that after a couple of days my MDE app updateds with correct info.