MDE App not compatible?!

Sorry if my cursory scan didn’t see this topic: I just tried to download the My Disney Experience App on my Samsung Galaxy III and it’s not compatible?! That seems a bit extreme. Any work-arounds, or do I really have to get a new phone in order to utilize this tool?

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I can’t offer specific help because I’m an iPhone guy. Aren’t Galaxies up to 7 now? It could well be that the graphics and processing required for MDE is just too much for the older technology of a Galaxy 3. I’m pretty sure that there are any number of current apps that would not work on an iPhone 3…

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I’m not familiar with your phone, but worst case scenario, you can still make FPP and dining reservations on your phone using the Disney website. You can probably add a bookmark/shortcut to that to your phone to use instead of MDE.

Very good point. I had heard that on MDE you can adjust and add FPs pretty easily. Not sure if that’s the case on the website?

I’ve got the same phone. I deleted mde after our Easter trip. Went to install it now and got same message there might be a previous version you could get or use your phone as a browser on the website instead.

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I have had this on my Samsung S3 but I think that what has happened is the since they upgraded the My Disney Experience it now is no longer compatible. It sucks as I use this one as a back up to my other phone. Sorry that it doesn’t work.

I, too, have a Samsung Galaxy III and the Liners app stopped working on my phone!! Len has been working with me for months now and the next step is for me to go to the carrier’s store to have them reset and update the phone. I’m hoping to get there today so I’ll let you know what the results are. You may have to do this as well. I know how frustrating this can be!!

@cbeldridge, so the bad news I was given regarding my Samsung III is that I would have to get a new phone to utilize the WDW Liners app. Samsung is up to version 6.0.1 while my phone is at version 4.0. I just can’t justify buying a new phone since the one I have is perfectly fine with the exception of this one glitch. But if MDE wasn’t working, I might bite the bullet and replace my existing one. Please let me know if you discover another work around though. Thanks!

Thank you so much for the update, catcrazy! My WDW & UOR Lines apps both seem to be working. As in, my plans are there, and they have current wait times, etc. Am I missing something? I’m with you, though…don’t think we’re going to get new phones for this trip in 2 weeks, so might have to just go old-school with [gasp!] paper plans. Thanks again for your help!!

For what’s it worth, not is all sunny on the PC either. The new updates are not backward-compatible to older versions of Internet Explorer, so I can no longer access it at work, unless I’m using my phone.

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I really enjoy the chat on the WDW Liner app. But, since it doesn’t even give me the option to log on I am restricted to seeing just the first page. If you haven’t looked at it yet, I recommend it. Lots of good people on there.

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