MDE app change

Anyone else notice changes to the MDE app? I think I had an update and please forgive me if I’m just overlooking it but where is the “wait times” section?! I know i can use Lines app and I usually do but just curious!

Click on Attractions and the wait times will appear on the map. Looks a little confusing imho

I eventually saw it but I think it was in a cleaner/better organized fashion before the update!

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Can anyone get the map of hours to work? I can see “today” but if I try to look at my dates I cannot even get the calendar in the right frame, never mind get a date to open?

Ugh, I’ve never been one to gripe about app updates/changes…but I think I liked it better before, lol.

On Android at least, you can click/tap in the lower right to switch to list view instead of map view. It’s easier to read that way.

Park hours seems to work fine for me. Tapping the little calendar icon towards the top right toggles between a full calendar and a smaller scrolling list of dates.

Just saw that the list works on the iPhone as well :slight_smile:

Yes the list view works on iPhone too. I just think it was cleaner to have the “wait times” section off to the main side menu before!