MDE and Park Planning

Let me start by saying: No, I do not use My Disney Experience for trip planning. It is far too unfriendly in its interface. I do, however, like to use it for visuals. So here’s my problem

Booked with a TA for the first time. Went to MDE and my trip is showing up: reservations, tickets, Memory Maker, DDP, etc. So no problems there.

I cannot make any plans in the “planning” portion of the website. When I click on “Add Plans” the clickable link for “Add Parks and Places is greyed out”. Is it just me? Is it functionality that has been removed since I last had a visit to plan?


Hmmm that’s weird. Are you park tickets definitely linked to your account? I just tried to follow the steps above and was able to add a park.
I vaguely remember not being able to do this before I purchased my park tix.

Weird. It should be available to you. Can you add ADRs? If you can, then you should be able to also add other plans. If you can’t, then it might be set up so that only your TA can make plans for you. You could call, I suppose, although calling is annoying. Maybe log out, clear your cache, and then log back in. If that doesn’t work, ask you TA if there’s anything from his/her end that might make it look like you aren’t allowed to make plans.

@egkleinmann The tickets are definitely liked to the account.

@SallyEppcot I’m too far out to add ADRs. Clearing cookies, always a good choice for MDE. I’ll give that a try.

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Ah. If you’re too far out to add ADRs you’re probably too far out to add other plans too. I vaguely remember seeing travel agents posting official park schedules when they are released by Disney. Maybe MDE won’t let you make plans until those schedules are posted.

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I think you’re on to something! I just tried to plan a date later this year and the option is grayed out for me. My trip is next month which is probably why I was able to add.

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@NeedaTurkeyLeg when’s your trip?

October. Thrilled to have a date. Would be thrilleder if it wasnt 267 days away!

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A little playing around with the mobile app, desktop app and after clearing cookies, cache and other stuff, it is apparently date related. The mobile app acknowledges my trip, tickets but won’t let me make a plan for a date that far out. It will let me explore dates closer to now. So, it just doesn’t like me yet.

I’ll get over it.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions and help.

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I had issues adding parks to my plans until park hours were officially released. Once that occurred and I could add ADRs everything was open to me.

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