MDE and Macs?

Super annoyed that I can try to copy my and DS5’s FPP for Epcot Character meet to my sister and DS5, and awesome times show up… but when I click NEXT… the (green) next button LOOKS like it “clicks”, but nothing happens and the FPPs DON’T get copied. The “Cancel” button the same page also doesn’t work, just the “back” button. ARGH. Same thing on both Safari and Firefox.
Any great ideas?? I’ve tried the other workarounds, like booking all new FPPs for them, etc, but can’t get the same window for both. Boo!

Sorry @mossmacl - I don’t have any advice for you but I hope you get it sorted! Sounds so frustrating! :heart: Keep checking the window times - more may open for the days you are looking that will overlap. If it is within 30 days the TP website has a great link for availability:

This one works to show availability for headliners up to 4 months in advance, but no times of day:

Good luck!

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