MDE adding friends

A couple of friends are joining us on our WDW trip for part of our stay. They do not currently have MDE accounts. Should I have them create their own accounts or should I add them into my account? I will be setting up the initial FPP, but I want them to be able to take charge of their FPP if we end up separating during the day.

If you want them to be able to take charge of their FPs and you just have them on your MDE, you would need to give them your sign on details. Which means they could, inadvertently, end up messing up ADRs etc too.

Just get them to set up their own, invite them to be your friend and then you’re all good to control your own FPs. Remember only the person who makes an ADR can change it.

I know a lot of people don’t bother with this. When we first went after MDE came in I had no idea of both ways to do it, so I told the family they had to set up an account and then invited them all. No problems at all.

What does seem to cause problems is if you manage them and then they try and set themselves up and end up existing in 2 different forms. That needs IT to sort out. I wouldn’t risk that, personally.

I think in the beginning of MDE there were all sorts of issues and that’s what a lot of people seem to be all for just managing everyone themselves. For me that wouldn’t work, my family often end up separating and doing our own thing for some of the time, and no one else is going to mess with my plans lol! :rofl:

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Nick, thanks for the response. So I get this right…you are saying to have the friends create their own MDE accounts? They set up their own FPP. And then I invite them to be my friend on my account? And i set it to manage them? Won’t they still be able to see all my stuff?

Sorry, it is still confusing. Is it possible for me to manage them so I can set up all FPP and then unmanage later to let them control FPP for just themselves if needed? And then manage them again, and so on?

They should be able to see all the plans they’re part of, but it won’t be possible for them to accidentally mess up your ADRs. Ideally, I think everyone who uses a smart phone will want to have their own MDE that they manage.
I had the same thing where friends were in wdw the same time I was. I made them set up their own MDE and they loved having it. We shared a photopass and I could add them to fastpasses and dining, and they could still make their own plans if they wanted. When you go into the app to make or change a fastpass, it will ask who is in the party so you can control who you’re making plans for.

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If you invite them, you can then do FPs for everyone together if you want to. But they can then add their own or do their own thing if they decide to head off themselves.