MCO Security Reservations by Clear - Free

Did we know about this service?

This allows you to book a time to go through security and its free


Is it only for the morning? Just curious as I tried to enter our return date but it would show morning times.

I only saw morning too for my dates. Wondering if they might open more as dates get nearer?

But even still, would be helpful for anyone flying in the morning.

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Is there any usefulness for this if you already have precheck? We fly out Christmas Eve at noon and I’m thinking it’s gonna be nuts!

I would not use this as you go through regular security.

“ Can TSA PreCheck members use Reservation Lane powered by CLEAR?

Reservation Lane only goes to standard TSA security screening and does not go to TSA PreCheck security screening. TSA PreCheck members can still use this service but will have to go through standard security.”

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No I don’t think so.

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How have I never known about this?!? I fly home Tuesday after the Princess Half. I couldn’t imagine needing it - my flight departs at 5:46 am - but MCO is always such a cluster so who knows?!

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thank you for this great tip! I just made a reservation for Fri Feb 25, we have an early flight and I am anticipating a total madhouse due to end of vacation week for the northeast. I’ll report back on how it goes :slight_smile:

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Saw this at MCO today and wished we knew about it beforehand because lines were sloooow

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We joined Clear as we were leaving last week. It was real easy to do right there, only took about 10mins. It was free with our Amex Platinum for DW and $60 a year for me. We already have pre-check and Global entry. Now we can just go into the Clear line which is usually empty then an agent takes you to the front of the pre-check line. We travel a lot and are always looking for ways to make it easier. Most importantly with 5-6 trips to MCO a year it is worth it for us, plus it is also available in Denver when we visit my son.


Can minor children join this?

To be clear :rofl: you don’t need to have paid for Clear to use this? I have pre-check but DD24 does not. Thinking about reserving a spot for her so she isn’t waiting in the long line while I go thru the pre-check line on Monday for our flight home.

Correct. This is free

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