MCO/DME crowds

This week will be our 4th trip with the kids but this year we are bringing my parents (wish me luck!)! Beyond excited! Our flight is the first one out of Boston on Tuesday and lands at MCO by 9am. We haven’t arrived that early for any of our other trips and I’m curious: How busy is MCO arrivals and the DME area at that time of the morning? Wondering if it will be quiet or if I should expect a crowd?!

Not bad at all. Should be fairly quiet. Especially on a week day.

The line, depending on your speed to DME can range from walk up to 4-5 minute wait. Nothing terrible. It’s the DME bus line that could be awful. Sometimes you can be let right onto the bus, other times you’ll wait.

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It has been very hit or miss for us. I’ve done the same flight into MCO that arrives just after 10 am four times this year. Once in Feb, once over spring break in March, once in Aug and once in Sept. September was the lowest average CL but by far the busiest DME line (we had to wait through 2 bus loads of people before getting on the third. The other 3 times, which were busier times of the year, we nearly walked right on to the bus.

I think it depends on the flight schedules for the day more than the time of year that you go or the time of day you arrive. I’d say you’d see low crowds at that time of day, but our last experience definitely bucked that trend.

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