MCO arrival at 9:30, will I make it to H&V at 12:30?

DME to AoA, drop off bags at bell services, then Skyliner to HS. I think 3 hours should be sufficient, but I’m curious to hear from anyone with recent trip experience.

3 hrs should be okay

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Let us know how it goes! I also agree, 3 hours should be totally fine.

You will need a lot of patience! This is for an early January trip that is looking less and less likely to happen. I still have hope though.

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That’s ok, I’m fairly patient. I’m currently planning a November 2021 trip so I have a ways to wait still.

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I always put everything at 2 hours out if I’m renting a car or using a limo service (not necessarily in limo though it has happened) and 3 hours for DME. And fingers crossed for an on time flight because that has got me once.

So true. On my last trip to WDW, we were headed into a huge storm, and the pilot started heading to TPA instead and we would have to be taxi-ed to Orlando in some way, but at the last minute he changed his mind and circled around instead and got to MCO about an hr behind schedule. Luckily we didn’t have any super time-sensitive plans on arrival day.

Yes, easily

For us it was the worst because our plane was many hours late so no dinner plans. And we got in to the hotel and ready for bed by midnight or something terrible like that and had plans to get up at 5am or something the next day as it was Thanksgiving week (this was to DLR though). It took a couple of days to recover I remember from that one night of not enough rest after travelling which is always for some reason tiring. I think we had an easy day on Turkey day and by then we caught up on sleep.