MB with split-stay: why can't I fig this out?

Read some other posts but am still feeling dense - am I right thinking the following? First time with this kind of vacay plan!

We have a split stay in March, 1st hotel is Dolphin (so no Magic Bands provided). However, we still have bands from 2016 (whether they work or not, I dunno, but planning to pack them).

2nd hotel is AKL, so bands are provided there, and I’ve already ordered them (will be at front desk, as they don’t ship to Canada).

Bought & linked tix via Undercover Tourist.

We’re all set up thru MDE with our plans, ADRs & FPP+ for our vacay.

MY QUESTION: on arrival day, we are not visiting a park, but would like to get all set up for the next morning. Heading to Raglan Rd for supper - is there somewhere at DS I can take our old bands & try to link everything? I understand that for the Dolphin portion, bands wouldn’t work for anything but the FPP+ and MM (I think?) - THEN, if my old bands are pooched, I assume we can purchase some at a kiosk or store at DS if needed?

Further: when we switch hotels to AKL a few days later, is there anything “extra” I have to do trading old bands for the new? Not trying to be confusing, just want to make sure I understand how it all works with 2 sets of bands :slight_smile:

Just saw that you won’t have the MBs shipped to you, so adjusting my answer. There is a Guest Services building at DS that can confirm your old MBs work for FPP+ and MM before your AKL stay. If they dont, the World of Disney store will have them to purchase.

Once you get to AKL and pick up the bands, you wont have to do anything extra. Both the old (or purchased) bands and the ones you pick up will work for FPP+, MM, charging to the room and as a room key.

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You don’t need to do anything with your old bands. Just check MDE to make sure they still show as active - they will unless you deactivated them. Any MB on your account has full access to anything on MDE and will work forever for anything you tap - park entry, FPP, ride photos if there’s a tap point. The battery may be dead, which means it won’t pick up photos/videos automatically, but there’s nothing Guest Services can do about that.

The 2 sets of bands are completely interchangeable. They both just access MDE. You may not be able to open your room door with the old ones though.


Thanks to you both for the info! I totally understand now that any/all active bands will be connected to whatever’s in MDE, perfect.

I’ll def take my old ones to GS at DS that first day - bands are indeed still active - and I assume they can tell me whether or not the battery’s dead right then.

Thank you!

I don’t think they can tell you if the battery is dead. You’ll only know if you don’t get your photos. I’d just assume they are, and tap for ride photos where there’s a tap point.


I agree with @missoverexcited. I would assume the RFID will not work for pictures. The MBs will always work for park entrance and FPs. Will you have memory maker? There is no reason to check with guest services but make sure the bands are active.