Maybe? Investigating DVC

My wife and I discussed the fact that even while at UOR, our hearts longed for Disney. Also, coming off our trip in December, she proposed the idea of us going, just the two of us,about every two years, staying on property.

This opens up the possibility that it now financially could make sense for us to buy DVC if we can find a contract for 100 pts, preferably at Boardwalk since we loved it there. Nothing available right now, but I guess I need to sign up for notifications.

Wondering who would be best to go through. And what do you think the chances are of finding a Boardwalk contract at 100 pts?

Other option would be to buy something at like SSR, which is cheaper, but I highly doubt we could find nights at Boardwalk during the dates we’d want to go at 7 months.

When I do the math, the only way it makes sense is if we can get a 100 pt contract under $140/pt (max).

The alerts are a great idea. This search engine can be helpful too

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Cool. Thanks.

Hmm. It appears that the website isn’t really working. All the listings I’m clicking on to look at are for properties that aren’t even available/listed on the site they link to. The information appears to be old.

I guess I’ll have to check individual reseller websites directly.

The DVC Store has text alerts. I’ve been noticing that DVC Resale Market has more listings than them lately though.

I think they are going so fast that they stay on that site after they are gone. I noticed it with a BWV contract that was listed for $170 ? I found it as sold