May vs September 2019


We are starting to plan a 2019 Disney trip. I want to avoid the crowds, not melt from the heat, or the rain. I have targeted late April/early May or late September/early October. Wondering what opinions there are on this out there. September looks like it can be rainier but there is the Halloween activities.

Thanks for advice.

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April/May should have much better weather (really no hurricane risk). You will have F &G vs F&W. September/October is MNSSHP and most likely the new Mickey and Minnie ride.

Remember, too, that Galaxy’s Edge is set to open in “Late 2019” - which COULD mean September. If it does open then, it could drastically affect crowd levels.

May will have MUCH better weather; September is only slightly cooler than August. And no hurricane threat in May…

We went at the end of September 2016 and beginning of May 2018. We preferred May and are hoping to return in May 2020. List of reasons:
-The evenings are cooler in May. Perfect temps for us. Both were pretty hot during the day, but May less so.
-No parties! So we could plan our days more easily.
-We prefer F&G over F&W.
-We did not have rain every single day in May. There was some rain, but it was more predictable than during hurricane season.
-Humidity was a lot worse in September
-Later park hours in May.

I thought the crowd levels were pretty comparable. However, non party days in MK during MNSSHP season are ridiculously packed.

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We decided to book our trip for the last week of April into the first week of May as it looks like a good chance of decent weather and moderate/low crowds. I was a little disappointed though that it looks like both the railroad and Tomorrowland speedway in MK will be closed next spring as they are beginning construction on the TRON coaster. Not sure if that is a deal breaker for you but it’s worth considering. I believe they are both set to reopen by summer 2019

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I agree. September still feels like summer in VA so I know it’s just as bad in FL. May, especially early May, is much better!