May trip planning

I’m on the mend and now focused on our next trip which will be a long weekend in May with just me and DS10. Trying to make the most of it because first he was a real trooper on our failed trip two weeks ago as I cancelled everything left and right (DAH, HS EMM, all of our MK day) and second because he’s just started physical therapy and I’m very proud of what he’s accomplishing there. So, with that in mind, here’s a broad outline of what I’ve got planned so far:

Picking him up after school on Friday and heading straight to the airport (he has no idea about this trip). Arriving at YC that evening and heading straight to bed.

Saturday: Was originally planning AK and then EP, but couldn’t get a good FOP FPP for this day, so I switched it up. Instead, we’re doing MK in the morning (FPPs for Splash, BTMRR, HM) and plan on doing JC and POC as well. Potentially more if he’s in the mood. Back to Stormalong Bay for lunch at Hurricane Hanna’s and pool time. Rest for a bit. Evening at EP with FEA Dessert Party (as a send off to Illuminations - haven’t seen it in a few years).

Sunday: Luggage getting transferred to Boardwalk. EMM at MK. Space and Buzz at Rope Drop. Heading to AK around 11:30ish. Lunch at Flame Tree and FOP, EE and KS FPPs booked for the afternoon starting at 12:30pm. Relatively early evening with pool time and dinner at Trattoria Al Forno (DS loves it there)

Monday: EMM at HS. FPPs for ST, RNRRC, TOT. Boat back to the resort for DME at 12:30ish.

It’s only 2 1/2 days so I’m trying to use the EMM to make it a little less hectic and DS and I are both morning people anyways. Thoughts? Am I over doing it? Missing anything wonderful? I was hoping for a DAH instead of an EMM (particularly HS) but that hope is fading over time so I’ve got to go with what I’ve got. Suggestions welcome!!!

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I think it looks like a busy but fun 2 1/2 days! Only you know what your son can handle so, if you think he’d be ok with the early hours and the pace of your schedule, then I say run with it!!

When are you going? My son and I are going 9-12th of May and staying at YC! My favorite trips are mother and son trips.

We’re doing 5/3-5/6. He’s never stayed at YC, only BC, so that will be a fun surprise for him too. My trips with him are definitely my favorites as well - we enjoy the same things and tour the same way so it makes it easy!

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I think it looks like a great plan, lots of fun!

Oh, and we’ll be at BC 4/28 to 5/10 so we might see you around. :slight_smile:

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