May Touring Plans

Hi Everyone,

I was just looking for some feedback on our touring plans for our upcoming May trip (May 7th-May 11th). My DH, DS6 and DD4 will be travelling together. We have a princess lover and a big star wars fan to accommodate for. We book our FPP on tonight at midnight!! So I’m just trying to get an idea of the best time to make the FPP reservations. Thanks to anyone who takes the time out of their day to look them over. It’s really helpful to have input when we have never been before!

Here are the plans!

Animal Kingdom - Saturday May 7th - CL 5
FPP: Lion King 9:30, Kali River 11, Everest 2pm (for an extra ride)

Magic Kingdom - Sunday May 8th - CL 5
FPP: 7DMT 9:30, PP 10:30, Space Mountain 11:30

Epcot - Monday May 9th - CL 3
FPP: Test Track 9:15, Spaceship Earth 10, Turtle Talk 11

Hollywood Studios - May 10th - CL 2
FPP: TSMM 10:30, TOT 1:15, 2:30 Frozen

Magic Kingdom Day 2 - May 11th - CL 5
FPP: A&E 9:30, Splash 10:30, Jungle Cruise 12:30

AK Safari doesn’t start running until about 8.30 on emh and sometimes ( very rarely)later if they can’t get the animals out, do expedition everest first and get child swap for later if dd4 is too small Tough Bug is really really scary for kids under 7/8 it can freak them out for the rest of the day. I would skip or push it to later. Tricerotop spin is like Dumbo so be prepared for the little one wanting to reride it. Wilderness explorers will take longer if your kids get into it. It can take almosta full day to just complete all the stations. You get soaked on Kali I always do it at the end of the day. The rest looks fine. In the afternoon you have a big time gap but you can mix it up a little on the day. We tend to follow tp exactly until lunch ( if possible )then after lunch we do what we feel like.
Mk looks fine to me
Epcot Akershus to test track is a good 15 minute walk I don’t know why your plan isn’t showing this. To see all the princesses and take part in the princess parade you will not get out until 9.15/30 at the earliest. There might be a problem in the software. I wouldn’t plan to get to tt before 9.30/9.45.
HS Allow 30 mins for jedi sign up. You might be a bit tight getting to mermaid. 2 Ts meals in 1 day migh be too much for younger kids to sit through but you know your kids best.
MK2 You have CRT and 1900 park?? CRT takes 90 mins

Other observations. You should add a few extra 15 min breaks to allow for bathroom/ juice/ snack breaks. Tp don’t allow for looking at shops or finding strollers or anything like that. Every time you park a stroller and have to collect it adds 5 minutes and these add up. I don’t know what you have set your walking level to but use relaxed or very relaxed with kids under 7 helps alot.

Hope this helps These are just my observations and personal opinions and others might have totally different thoughts Mx

Thanks so much for the input! It’s very helpful!!
I had dinosaur or Everest first on all my touring plans but every time I would optimize it kept moving safari to the top, I thought TP must know best. I left the big gap in the afternoon for the boneyard because I don’t think my kids will want leave and we can ride things again in that time :slight_smile: I’m going to bring ponchos for Kali river, with ROL opening I don’t want to be walking around wet too late. Hopefully the hot sun will dry us off.

Thanks for the Test Track walking time info, they looked relatively close on the map…I had no idea it was that far.
I’ll add some more time for Jedi sign up I really wasn’t sure how long it would. I really didn’t want to do two TS meals either but my husband really wanted to try 50’s and I wanted a fantasmic package and my kids love Disney Jr lol so we are doing both. Luckily they love restaurants!
Ohh I should have specified I don’t have CRT for dinner it’s a BBB appt. But there wasn’t an option for BBB in the touring plans so I used it as a place holder and then we are heading over to 1900.

We are planning on doing the same, stick to the TP until about lunch then change things up and do what we want. HS is probably the only exemption as there is so many shows to plan for that day. Hopefully I get some good FPP times tonight (fingers crossed). Thanks again!

Once my plans are at this stage I copy them and start to move things about and evaluate instead of optimising. That would be good for Safari. Maybe its not 15:mins To TT from Akershus but Im sure it was a good walk but maybe it just seemed like that( its been 3 years since we ate there .)

We had planned on doing Agent P in the evening as well and found out it is closed at 6pm

That’s good to know! I read 6pm on one website and 8pm on another so I wasn’t sure. We will have to just tour the world showcase without Agent P. Thanks!