May the Fourth

Anyone have an idea what the impact of May 4th will have on crowds for HS? Are there any special events or just the usual meets?
This happens to be the day we planned for our May trip and I’m wondering if we should change the day and ADRs to avoid it?

We went last year and they happened to have an After Hours event so we did that. It fell on a Saturday and during the day, the park was insane. They had May 4th merch and it sold out quickly. And obviously, that was before Galaxy’s Edge was open.
The after hours did have special character meets - Ewoks, Darth Vadar (he wasn’t a regular M&G at the time), storm troopers. The after hours event was fun for a star wars fan.


I would bet GE will be busier than normal. Nevertheless, that’s where we plan to go on May 4th! Because we love Star Wars, and it’s our wedding anniversary, and the crowdedness is a price we’re willing to pay. That said, if you decide to switch days, i have an Oga’s and Savi’s reservations i need to drop on May 5th.

That’s what I was afraid of. I think we would rather avoid the crowd. My daughter only cares about seeing Rey, so that should be easier with less of a crowd.
What time is your Oga’s and for how many people?

May 5th, 10:30 AM for 2 people. I can modify to 3 or 4 for 9:55 AM. I’m not sure how that works: if the times that you can modify to are the same that others can see when they search for a new reservation.