May the Force Be With Us: A Family Trip Report Summer 2021

I’m an Army brat! My dad was stationed at Hickam AFB when I was in Elementary School.

Sorry for your loss, but that is really special that he is there! It’s a beautiful cemetery and monument.

It’s a deal! I’d love to hear about your trip as well!


I’m not anywhere as good and entertaining of a writer as you. Plus, I don’t have 4 adorable kids.


As a reward for anyone who read that last dissertation :joy::joy::joy:, here are pics of DD7 after her pedicure with DW today.


Love this!


A mother and daughter date! Making beautiful memories!


Are they all going through DBIL/DSIL withdrawals or do they live close enough that you still get to see them regularly? I enjoyed reading your final recap…its good to put the bad and the ugly on paper, helps you remember ways you can make the next trip even more magical (you’ll never visit TSI without ponchos again).


They live 3 miles away, but we do miss seeing them every waking moment! :joy: Also, we never know how long they’ll be around with their life plans.

Oh boy, you’ve got that right! :joy:


Jeez guy.

Give a pixie dust in the eye warning next time!

What a great wrap up :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks! I appreciate you being here for it and engaging. :blush: Can’t wait to read your next trip report and find out the exciting conclusion to the Star Wars saga!


I just want you to know the astronomical bar you have set for trip reports. :joy: Fair warning if I decide to do one for my solo trip in August!


For myself as well! I don’t think I will ever even attempt to be this thoughtful or thorough again. :joy:


What an awesome trip! I got sidetracked with a lot going on with work and family, but caught up now. How you put together such a professionally documented trip report in real time while running around everywhere with 4 littles is beyond impressive. I know you had help, but a lot of it fell on your shoulders. I’m a tough critic and you regularly exceed expectations with all your talents. Well done. Excited you’re going to Hawaii!

I had actually been feeling a little down lately about Disney. Maybe a mix of knowing I won’t be back for awhile and some regret of what I spent on my recent 2 trips. Your comment about investing in memories over things really helped at the right time. Not long after I saw that comment, my wife randomly brought up our recent trips, 3 in the past 2 years plus a DCL cruise mixed in, and how great they were, and how we caught WDW just at the right times for what we wanted to do. We laughed and reminisced, and I’m gonna stop sulking about things costing money and allow myself to be ok with paying for a great time with my family every once in awhile. Life is short.


Absolutely! If I’ve learned anything during Covid, it’s this.

(I do think people need to be conscious of their budgets, but also don’t just keep deferring enjoyment until it’s too late.)


And it’s our patriotic duty to stimulate the economy, right? :sweat_smile:


This this this!


Ha! I appreciate the thoughtfulness and thoroughness of your reports and I’m looking forward to your Aulani report!

Thanks again for your wonderful trip report and taking us all on your vacation.


Thank you for sharing! It has been magical!


Great trip retrospective with lots of useful information. Thanks again for the detailed trip report and so glad you guys had a great time!


Thank you for taking us along on this epic trip with your beautiful family!


Now that my girls are 18 and 21, looking back those stories of melt-downs and vomiting on the air plane, etc. are the ones we tell and laugh about now. At the time, it may seem like you won’t make it through (I have cried in an air plane bathroom with 8 hours left in the flight thinking I can’t go on!), but you do and those memories actually become golden in the end.

Loved following your trip. Love your beautiful kids - melt downs and all. Especially love your DSIL and DBIL! My brother had kids super young, and I loved being the best aunt to them at those ages! Now I get to be the best Grand Aunt to my niece’s kids. And I love your DW for indulging your forum habit! You’re the best, Jeff! Someday I hope we can do a Liner meet - maybe at DLR!