May or july

If you had to choose between end of may or end of july, which would it be and why

May! It won’t be as busy as some schools will still be in session. Plus july is sweltering. May is hot as well but July and August, to me, are almost unbearable.

Just did both of those this year. May was definitely cooler than July, but I still managed to have an amazing 4 days even in the heat! Had to add in a bit more rest/pool time. Granted I was in WDW on Memorial Day weekend, but it really didn’t seem that much more crowded last weekend then it did in May.

May is my favorite month to be there!

I would definitely choose May. July in Florida is HOT! Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe pricing is a little lower too.

Gotta say May. I’m with @outer. …July and August are not even an option for us anymore because of the heat.

Yep, May gets my vote. Not as hot.

May. I live in FL and won’t go to WDW in Jul or Aug. Even May is hotter than I like. I’m not tied to any kind of school schedule, so the vast majority of my trips occur in the Nov-Feb time period. I was there for the Memorial Day Weekend bash this year because I tied it into a conference I was attending in Orlando - and that just reinforced my opinion that the summer is NOT the time for me to go.

May, because there is SWW and perhaps you can catch the last few days of Flower & Garden. Fewer schools are out in May, and the famous Tour Groups normally hit in July.