May HS/hop to Epcot plan help?

Please help me figure out a plan for Friday May 29th for 3 adults, 1 teenager and a thrill seeking 10 year old

*Arrive parking lot by 8:10 (assume park opens at 9)

*By the entrance 8:20

*try to register for a boarding group for Rise of the Resistance, how early can I do that?

*park opens and go straight to Rock and Roll Coaster

*next Tower of Tower

*possibly one more Rock and Roll if the line is reasonable or single rider?

*try to get a fastpass for either Toy Story mania or Slinky Dog for 9-10, so go to closer to 10am

*then try to have a fastpass 10-11 for Star Tours

*walk around Galaxy’s edge, wait for Millenium Falcon if it is reasonable

maybe it is time to come back for Rise of Resistance? If not, maybe have a fastpass for

What is a good 3rd fastpass option here that we can get quickly? Don’t want to see any shows or little kid stuff.

Right after that, we plan to head to Epcot and if we only use our 2 FP at HS can we try for a tier 1 at Epcot once we arrive? Or do we have to use the 3 at HS and get into Epcot before getting a Fp there?

Then, mostly a wander around and eating at Epcot and then if possible go on a few rides.

What do you all think?


It’s common for people to get a FP for MuppetVision, because you can tap into it without staying for the show. Same idea can apply for Voyage of the Little Mermaid, although you have a little further to walk to get over there.

Your plan is pretty close to how I toured HS last week!

Get there before park opening. When they let you into the park, work your way down Sunset Blvd. Last week they stopped us halfway down Sunset. When the clock is just about to strike park opening, grab you BG for RotR. The CMs will hold you for another minute or two so that all people have their BG. Then follow the CMs and do both ToT and RnR.

I also booked my 3 FPP for park opening. I tried to have all 3 booked for the first 3 hours of park opening. Ideally it would be: SDD, Star Tours and MV3D.

Some days your BG will be called during one of these FPPs. You can decide to go in immediately or wait until you tapin for MV3D. As mentioned, most people just tap into MV3D to get the last FPP out of the way. The moment you do that, you should be in the App looking for your 4th FPP. If you re heading to epcot later in the day, you can search Epcot for tour 4th FPP. If you do not see any good ones, try and time your search for when they drop more FPP at Epcot.

MFSR will require you to be flexible. I would looks at lines to see what sort of wait time you will have. Either bear it or wait until later. I also made a choice to do Single rider to get a ride in.

The above worked well for me multiple times. It also worked on the day I went to beaches and cream for lunch and then over to epcot for the thrill rides. That day I also hopped back over to HS to ride MFSR with lower crowds, Oga’s for a drink and view the land at night .

What were you able to ride in Epcot? Around what time did you get over to Epcot?

You were able to look for a 4th in Epcot even though you were still in HS or at Beaches on Cream?


Once you scan in for your 3rd FPP at HS, you can go into MDE and try for a FPP at Epcot. You do not need to be in the park to do that. Going off of memory, you click add FPP, select the date, then pick the park (select Epcot).

I got lucky and grabbed a FPP for Soarin’ for around 3pm. I also rode spaceship earth, Mission to Mars, and did test track via the single rider line.

My lunch reservation was at 1:05pm. I spent about an hour at Beaches and then went into Epcot.

I went back to HS around 6pm.