May Crowds

We just got back from our WDW trip (which was awesome, of course!). However, the crowd calendar prediction for MK for May 15 was 5/10 but I would say it was closer to a 7. Every ride had at least a 40 minute wait, if not more. Even the People Mover had a line! That never happens! We noticed a LOT of school groups there for end-of-year field trips so I think that had a big impact on the crowd levels. Next time, I think we’ll shoot for earlier in May.

Glad you had a good trip. I just checked out the crowd calendar for that date (TP posts the actuals) and MK was only a 4/10. Unfortunately this is the new normal for WDW, with all of their promotions and the economy being good. The days of slow times are about gone…now it is just busy, busier, and holy hell why did we come :wink:.

Haha! It’s all good. We still love it. We’ve just gotten spoiled in previous years when we had smaller crowds and an excellent touring plan :slight_smile: we just walked on to a lot of rides. This waiting in line thing is kind-of a buzz kill. :wink:

And if that day was a FOUR, I hope I’m never there on a TEN! Yikes!

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I disagree. My DH and I were there and it was wonderful. my DH even remarked at how “empty” it seemed. We did see quite a few school trips, but it didn’t impact our time there other than the kids do not understand the idea of “personal space” and kept bumping up into us on line.

But a 30 minute wait for BTMRR is pretty decent.

Yep, a 10 would be pretty bad. I have been to both DL and WDW on days from 2’s to 9’s, and we always manage to have a great time. But it is nicer when there are no lines, that’s for sure!

Hi! So interesting how we all have different opinions on the crowds. I was at AK last year on what turned out to be a 9 day (nice day after a lot of rain the day before), and it didn’t affect us one bit. Our TP worked just fine. On chat there were lots of complaints about the crowds and lines that day, and I was like, really? Didn’t notice.

Yes, WDW does seem to be crowded most times now. I am planning more frequent but shorter trips. hit the slow days and stay away from weekends

So funny- we were there that day too and remarked several times how uncrowded it was! Our previous trip was last month (April) on a 10/10 day. It was nearly impossible to navigate through Fantasyland. On Friday, though, it felt pretty empty. If you haven’t been to WDW in a while, the increased crowds can be a bit shocking. I’m glad you still had a great trip, and didn’t let the lines get you down!

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On 04/30/15, we hit a line for the People Mover. I thought to myself “really?”, but we followed the plan, and sure enough that line just flew. A People Mover line can be deceiving.