May 7 - FP+ Window Opening - 60 Days - Plenty of Availability for Tough FP's

My FP+ window opened up this morning at 7am for my resort booking from July 6 - 13th.

I was on-line at 6:55am, logged in and starting FP reservations at 7am sharp. Was done by 7:30am and booked all FP’s that we wanted, which included FoP, SDD, 7DMT, Frozen, ToT, RnRC, all big 3 Mountains at MK…everything was available. The only one I couldn’t get was FoP on our first evening (60 + 0 Day)…they were all taken.

The FoP FP I managed to get was at the 60+4 day mark, and I had plenty of choices available…actually got an 11am-Noon timeslot.

It appears that crowds will be low in July (given info that we have at this time).

Anyone who is concerned about obtaining FP’s in July / Aug (before GE opens), should not worry…plenty of availability.

Happy planning…


2019 might prove to be the best summer ever to visit WDW.


All this talk about amazing crowds in July makes me want to go in July instead of January lol! But the planner in me could never switch to July this close. It sounds like you’ll have an amazing trip!!

The fact that Disney has opened up a 2nd Rebate/Discount offer for resorts/meal plans this late in the season is proof that the resorts are no where near the capacity they want them to be. This is AFTER having offered Free Dining in Dec/Jan for stays May to August.

Now, if this second round of discount offers is successful, then the parks might be full in July, but based on FP availability as of today, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Fingers crossed to truly having a Crowd Level of 3/4/5 in most parks in July!


This is great to hear. Thanks for the info. Can I ask how far out your SDD was for. That is my only worry right now.

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I know. I kinda want to push my October trip up to July. But I know my wife will say it’s too hot for the kids (she is probably right).

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For me, the only reason I’m even considering a trip to Disney is to see Christmas decorations. Now maybe if they would offer Christmas in July… :wink:

Hey … if WDW can have Halloween in August, why not Christmas in July??? Of course, there would be a large uncharge and limited entry,

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I was just going to ask! I want it for 60+2, I’ve got another day at HS later in my trip but it would be great if I could get it that early too.

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It was at 60+3 and 60+5…SDD was available on both days.


This gives me hope, I’m going to try!



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My fast passes opened today too, and I had luck with everything. I got SDD at 60+3 and 60+6.


I do Fastpasses on Thursday – I’m keeping hope alive!

Only thing I couldn´t get was PhilharMagic, at all for any day.

Is this a joke?

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Nope really it says its unavailable for every day

Is it in rehab?

No I don´t think so, I looked on the FP availability on here and it´s showing available at 60+7. I don´t understand it either? I wouldn´t have booked it anyway it was just an anomaly I couldn´t explain.

I saw this discussed somewhere or another and the thought was that they are just discontinuing FP for it. I’m hoping that is the case and it isn’t down for rehab when we are there!

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