May 7 fastpass help!

Putting a plan together for a school 1 day trip on May 7. Using park hoppers, so morning will be DCA, afternoon (starting around 4:30) will be DL. Every time I try to optimize the DL plan, it throws up FPs for Haunted Mansion and has us getting 2 at the same time (Buzz and Indy, for instance). Has something changed with these FPs? I know HM has them available during holiday, but now? And did Buzz become disconnected from the system again?

So then I tried to do my own plan, heading for Space Mountain FP first. Everything works out OK, except if I set the return time to when the FP says, it still shows a 45 min wait. Is that right? I’ve never waited that long with FP, even on busy days.

Some of these kids are first-timers, so I’m really trying to get the best bang for our time. TIA for all your help :slight_smile:

Haunted Mansion is now available as a regular, connected FP even with non-holiday mansion. Hatbox Ghost re-debut plus the fact that so much capacity was taken away from the West side of the park with all the long-term closures for Star Wars land construction probably factored into it becoming available. In my opinion, the FP for it is a little bit of a bust, just because the line moves so freely being a continuous load that even up to even a 30-40 min. wait isn’t all that bad. What is nice about the FP is if it’s in your must-dos and it helps you avoid that 40 min wait and you almost always are walking right into the stretching room pre-show.

Buzz is disconnected so you can get Buzz at the same time as any other FP. We usually get ours when we get a Star Tours, because the Buzz FPs are just two Star Tours FP Kiosks re-purposed as Buzz ones.

As for Space FP, maybe hit evaluate a few more times to ensure that the software picks up that you’re within the timeframe of the distributed FP. Sometimes I have to do that to get the software to pick up on tweaks I’ve made.

This is great info, thanks! I hadn’t heard about either the HM or Buzz changes. On to tweaking the plan some more! :smile: