May 4th in DHS

Was anyone in DHS May 4th 2018? Did Disney do anything extra for the day? We’ll be in the world next May 4th, huge SW fans, with park hopper tickets, wondering if that would make an awesome evening to be in DHS. TIA!

Anyone have any info?

I don’t think they do anything, I’ve never been at that time but I have seen the question asked either here or on chat.

Not exactly conclusive but I found this.

We arrived at DW that day but did not go to HS. My understanding was, nothing special was really done. I had looked up that information before our trip and the year before there was nothing special done. I do hear it is a crowded day in the park. As a side note, the Avengers movie came out around that time and not even Starlord mentioned it when we saw him that week.

THank you posting. I may be in a similar situation and was pondering the same question! I know they do a little extra at DLR and last year had the star wars after dark party, so it got me wondering…