May 22 Animal Kingdom Crowd Level updated from 6 to 8

Oh interesting. Got an update from the Crowd Tracker this morning. I assume the change from 6 to 8 is due to the soft opening of Pandora on that Monday?

I assume that’s the reason. I got an email that they raised the crowd level from May 15th-22nd. Our trip is the 15th-26th. They have the weekend of the 20th-21st as 10’s! Thankfully, we hadn’t planned to go either of those days.

I wonder if they changed the media soft open date.

I got this too - I had stepped away from Disney planning since finishing fast pass booking and feel behind the 8 ball on the soft open - need to rework my AK TP! I guess I’ll assume pandora first and hope I can get a safari fast pass which I currently do not have because was planning to go there first.

I had the same notification about the crowds at AK for our trip May 13-20. So, can I assume that Pandora will be open during this week?

There are AP and DVC previews of Pandora running from the 13th to 22nd May.

Since these wee all booked out, I doubt there will be soft openings on these dates. Maybe starting after then until the official opening.

I guess the crowd levels are increased because there will be more people at the park. People going to the previews, which are 2 hour slots, are likely to spend at least part of the day in the rest of the park.

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Thank you :blush:. So I won’t count on being able to view Pandora.

Are the preview time slots listed anywhere?

I know my time is 12-2 on May 18th. I think they’re running 2 hour time slots most of the day.

DVC is the morning, 10 to 12.

Then I think it’s 12 - 2, 2 - 4, 4 - 6 … Not sure how late they go.