May 21 MK Touring Plan - seems optimistic

I just started messing around with our first MK day. My BIL and SIL will be joining us from Jacksonville for this MK day. Just put in all the big rides and a 75 minute break for lunch. Used TP projected park hours.

Does anyone actually believe we could ride: POC, BTM, 7DMT, HM and SM before 11:30 AM with “relaxed walking”?

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I think you can do that. Most people don’t go left at the start. Most people are headed to fantasyland first and you are really avoiding that except 7DMT. U would guess 7DMT and space may have a little longer wait than shown but not enough to make a difference


Thank you for the feedback. We did the go left philosophy last year with FP+ for POC, BTM and SM after lunch. On our 2nd MK day, we stayed in Fantasyland. Honestly, 7DMT is lower on my priority list.

We went on a day with an official 9am opening but lines were moving at 8:10am(ish) I cannot remember exactly. We rode BTMR first and it was still a 15 or so min wait. We hopped in line for Splash and they didn’t officially open that till 10min or so before 9. Then we waited 30+min for POC and Jungle Cruise so we got those four rides done by 11am if that helps at all. We did 7DMT after lunch and it was an accurately projected 70 min wait by Disney in the afternoon. Edit: and Space was a pretty long wait too (if I remember correctly it was 45-60min or so) but we also did that in the more busy afternoon.


Thank you for your response. I’d say that seems more realistic as my TP had getting 7DMT and SM (but not JC) which I think is more ambitious but we’ll see.

We did Haunted Mansion last and it was about 45min in the early evening/late afternoon.


Sorry if I missed you being able to do HM. I guess my point, sorry if I wasn’t clear, was more about being able to do ALL OF THAT by 11:00 AM vs. being able to do it by park close. I definitely think that TP is doable over 7-10 hours of park time but in 3 hours of park time, seems doubtful.