May 2020 plan question (related to AK)

For our family May 2020 trip, we have 6 day tickets for Disney, and 3 day tickets for Universal.

When looking at the best way to allocate those days, I’ve been playing around with crowd calendars, etc.

But I have a question on the Disney side of things. Assuming Disney has DAH for AK during our trip (they did last year during the same time period), we were looking at just getting DAH tickets, arriving at 7, and then JUST doing that for AK. This would allow us to allocate 2 days for each of the other parks with our 6 day ticketrs (not park hoppers).

Anyone have thoughts as to what we might miss out on doing it this way? I’m thinking mostly from the perspective of my DIL, who has never been. The rest of us have. The thought is if we arrive at 7:00, we could do KS right away, and then focus on the rides like FOP and EE after the DAH event starts. But then there are the shows.

If we CAN’T get into a DAH event at AK, then we will have to pick one day for AK, and then pick one other park as a single day. I would have, in the past, had no qualms picking HS for our other single day park…but with TSL and now SWGE open, I’m not sure about that. So, I’m hoping the DAH at AK will be there for our trip.

Can you get in earlier than 7 with a DAH ticket? Similar to the MK parties? 4:00?

DAH event starts at 9:00 pm, but they allow you into the park at 7:00 pm. So we would have to hit whatever is NOT part of the DAH between 7 and 9.

We are doing 6 days as well in May 2020. But we are doing 1 day at HS and 1 day at AK. We thought about doing 2 days at HS, but realistically it seems like a waste. We aren’t going to need 2 days to see SWGE, TSL and the few other characters and rides we want to see and do. We’ve done all the shows, except Lightening McQueen, which does not interest us at all. We figure the worst that happens is that we rope drop SWGE and go to SDD before closing. If the FP tier situation remains the same, then I don’t really want to waste them either.

I have read some reviews on DAH at AK and that one did not seem as beneficial as the others. I would do DAH at HS before doing it at AK. Between the large park and the preshows for FOP, it doesn’t seem like time could be utilized as well.

If we do one, it would be for AK because for us, we’re just not that into AK, in general. Doing DAH at AK would allow us to do the things we most care about without using a ticket. The question, though, is what things will we ultimately miss. It is hard to judge based on the website, because they list all the attractions included and end it with “and more!”

We aren’t into AK either, which is why I wouldn’t spend that kind of money on it. Honestly, the one day we are there we will probably leave by dinner, if not before. We like FOP, KS and EE. My kids like Dinosaur. We enjoyed Nemo and FOLK, but we did them our last 2 trips, so no need next trip. We may take the train up to the Affection station as we have never been there. But that’s about it. We really only go there for the few rides we enjoy.

Ah, now see…I look at it the opposite. What I’m doing is spending the money to not just get the stuff done at AK, but then ALSO allow me to hit all three of the parks two times each. Otherwise, ONE of the parks I’ll only get to do 1 time. MK is easily a two-day park. EP usually is for us as well…but the changes at HS have me thinking a second day there might be nice (particularly with the FP tier structure, etc). BUT, do I want to give up a second at at EP for a second day at HS? Not really. So that’s where paying the money for AK DAH gives us a chance to do more overall.

I’m pretty sure the shows are out at AK DAH. (We’ve seen both Nemo and FOTLK, but my DIL hasn’t.) KS is not part of DAH, which is why we would have to do that when we arrive at 7:00.

I assume just doing a 7th day is out of the question? the marginal cost of a 7 day vs 6 day is a few dollars per ticket – much less than paying for DAH.

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Yeah. We have 9 days available, but 3 are allocated to Universal. So we have 6 days for Disney.

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I guess you’d miss all the animal trails, including the Maharaja Jungle Trek and Gorilla Falls. And the shows. Plus Rafiki’s Planet Watch, the Dig (if there are kids in the group).

Is there something besides the attractions listed that you would like to see or experience?

@Dreamer I read in a different post you did AK DAH recently. Can you take a look at @ryan1 's question and help him out with some of your experience? :grin:

If there is no DAH, could you do 2 and a half days at Universal and a half day at AK?

Why so many?

I’ve done this twice and think it’s great. You get both FOP and Na’vi with zero stress. You get Pandora at night, which is pretty cool. You get ROL with an empty auditorium if you want it. You get EE.

Those are my personal priorities. Obviously during the day you can enjoy all the theming and the animal trails, though — I know you’re not supposed to say this — I don’t think they’re that great. Ditto KS, which is a long and hot line in the summer, even with FPP, and it can be hit or miss.

So your DAH plan makes sense to me.

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I loved our time at AK DAH. But @ryan1 you will miss a lot of what AK has to offer if you just do DAH. FOTLK is an amazing show and I think missing it would be criminal. And the animal trails won’t be open during DAH. You won’t be able to see the Nemo show or ride PW. A lot of character M&Gs won’t be available. Now if your priority is to do Pandora and EE then DAH is great. Especially if you want to ride those multiple times.

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So, just for you to think thru. Park hopper added on for your number of days is $80. It gives you flex for planning 1 and 1/2 days for parks that maybe don’t require 2 full, and ( I think) is less than DAH per person. Plus (I think?) you have an AP bought, so you already have PH.

I’m NOT trying to argue for it here, just offering the option so you can crunch not just the $$$s, but the planning flexibility.


plus @Dreamer’s points. But I’m not neutral – I could spend multiple days in AK.

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So could I!

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I want to be there Right Now!


Let’s go!