May 2016 Plans. How do They Look?

The end of next week is my FPP+ selection day. Here’s the plans so far, how are they looking? Too packed? Feasibility? Timing?
Thanks so much as well, to everyone in the forums who’ve taken the time to answer some of the many planning questions I’ve had in the past! They’ve all helped immensely!

Ok…Travelling solo for 1 week here’s what I have so far:

Day 1 - (Wed) - land MCO at 11:30am, Magical Express to POFQ (2ish?), check in or leave luggage with bell services, bus to EPCOT for a “walk through” for lunch. Lunch to consist of food booths at F&G festival. Boat to HS for “May the Fourth be With You” Day because I’m a geek :wink: stay until SW fireworks (if they’re still a thing)

Day 2 - (Thurs) - RD MK Welcome Show, morning touring MK. Leave around 12:30 back to resort, Uber to GKTW for shift. After GKTW (6:30pm) uber to resort for supper then walk to POR for Yeeha Bob

Day 3 - (Fri) - sleep in somewhat. TK 10:10, stay all day, assume ROL will be up and a go.

Day 4 - (Sat) - 8am BOG preRD. 9:15 meet up for Keys to the Kingdom Tour, FoF parade, Flag retreat then hop to EPCOT for the evening. F&G/Illuminations

Day 5 (Sun) - sleep in morning, noon head to GKTW for afternoon (finish at 3pm) uber to resort for quick rest/shower/change evening boat from POFQ to Disney Springs then bus to CR for a dinner at CG for Wishes.

Day 6 - (Mon) 4 Parks 1 Day Challenge (AK-HS-EP-MK)

Day 7 - (Tues) Last Day :frowning: EPCOT , Behind the Seeds Tour, either stay all day and then monorail to GF or maybe take a break at resort. 4:15 Tea at Grand Floridian then hop to Trader Sam;s for last evening cocktail, spend the rest of the night at MK, stay for Wishes/Kiss Goodnight (until they kick me out!)

Day 8 (Wed) - Tragical Depress back to MCO around 9am

Have I crammed too much in here? there are TP’s for each park day but I have not included them, just each days’ highlights.

I have loved reading everyone’s Trip Reports so maybe I’ll add my own?


Your trip looks great! I’ve never been in May so I’m not sure about crowds, etc. Since you’re traveling solo, you can easily adjust your plan when needed. I love that you’re volunteering at GKTW!! I would love to read a trip report!!

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Thank you :blush:

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I think this is a very ambitious plan. But as a solo traveler probably much more realistic than if traveling with others.

I’m exhausted just reading it but can’t wait to hear how it goes!!!

Thanks :blush: yes I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but I’m hoping that going solo will also allow me to adjust on the fly and take a break if need be.


Are you a regular WDW guest or is this your first time? and it’s nice that you’re volunteering.


Definitely not a regular, but I love to obsessively plan :smile: and wish I could be a regular!
My family of 3 went on a trip in 2014, sept 2015 and this spring will be my first solo venture.

I love the extra tours you are doing, looking forward to hearing about it. I remember doing Behind the Seeds over 20 years ago, and I loved it! We’ll overlap a bit, we arrive 5/7 :smile:

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That’s awesome!! Have you been in May before? this will be a first for me.
So excited for the tours!


We are going in May as well. We will be in AK on the 7th of May! What are you planning for rivers of light? I know it’s been officially been announced to open in April, but I haven’t found any information about showtimes, have you had any luck?. It’s killing me not knowing as we are booking fast passes this weekend!

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The suspense is killing me! I haven’t been able to find out anything about times yet. My AK day is May 6th. I’m hoping to either score a FP (but realistically they may or may not have those ready to roll out 2 weeks after starting). I’m also watching for the dining package with preferred seating. We all know this show is going to be packed with so many excited people to see it and I don’t fancy lining up for seats 2+ hours in advance either.