May 18th vs May 19th Hollywood Studios

I am going to be in Orlando later this month on a six day pass. Right now we have scheduled to be at Magic Kingdom on the 18th and Hollywood Studios on the 19th. After reviewing the available fastpasses on your site under Fastpass+ it looks like it may be better to flip those. The reason being is that on Monday there are still many fastpass times available for Toy Story Midway Mania and all of the rides at Hollywood Studios while on Tuesday there are very few times left for Toy Story. Are the same amount of fastpasses given out every day for a particular ride? If so then to me this would indicate the park will be alot less crowded on Monday the 18th. Can someone at Touring Plans tell me if my line of thinking is correct and if not then why? Thanks in advance for your help.

If you want an official TouringPlans answer, you might want to e-mail this question to I don’t know what sort of relationship there is between FPP availability and CL, but what you are seeing is contrary to the predicted HS CLs of 4 on Monday and 3 on Tuesday.

I wouldn’t go by what fast passes are available on the TP site, you should check Disney’s MDE site to see what is available. Have you already booked your first 3? If not, you should do that right away. Then you can reserve what is available now. Don’t wait, Toy Story and similar will start to book up.