May 1-HS for 30th anniv or AK?

We were planning on being in HS on 4/30 and AK on May 1, bc we plan to switch to universal hotel for the second part or our trip May 1 (LATE/afternoon evening.)
Crowd levels for HS is 1, AK 3 both days.

Are we going to wish we were in HS for 30th anniversary? We’d rather have fewer crowds and I was curious if we can trust crowd levels for that day.

Think there will be a lot of fun we miss if we got the day before? Bc we are switching hotels that late afternoon, we’d like to be in AK bc I was feeling like it will be easier to get things done and go.

I don’t think CL 3 or 1 will be noticeably different. So I would do whatever works best for your schedule.

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I would not be that concerned about the small difference in crowd level. Not sure what they are doing for the 30th anniversary, but that only happens once.

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Thank you! Hitting that overthinking point in the planning. Good to know it shouldn’t impact crowd levels. Don’t want to miss the 30th if they are rolling out something special, so I’ll have to think about that part.