MaxPass vs Genie+ +ILL

Disclaimer, I have not been to WDW since they rolled out Genie+ and ILL, and for that I am forever grateful! I’m fortunate enough that my last few experiences at WDW have been wonderful, even during COVID, and I feel bad for all the recent reports I’ve been seeing of people having a << than magical time.

So, even when FPP was free, I paid for maxpass at DLR and I thought it was amazing, flawless, stress free!!! Not having experienced Genie+, why didn’t they just implement MaxPass? Is it the ILL that throws a wrench in it?

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I think from what I’ve been reading in Jeff’s DLR post that people in Cali don’t really use MaxPass becuz they all have frikkin Annual Passes I mean Magic Keys and just go whenever they want like after work on a Tuesday. So it works better over there. From what I’m gathering WDW guests are more likely to use it and you’re going to have more competition, longer LL lines for your trouble and WDW people are unhappy because they can’t plan their entire days ahead of time knowing what time the LL is for. I will admit having to get up at 655am to grab ILLS and LLs even when I’m letting my family sleep in does kinda rub me wrong because then I can’t go back to sleep. At DLr you can’t get a LL or ILL until you’re in the park so less competition in the morning hours and you don’t have to get up any earlier than you were planning. And most of all even when they had MaxPass, Fastpasses themselves were free for all. What I will say having experienced both is I was very successful with both but I prefer MaxPass.

G+ is essentially Maxpass with slightly different rules. I think the biggest differentiator between the 2 is just the sheer number of attractions eligible with Maxpass vs G+ that made it ‘easier’ to use in DL.

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I’m seeing a lot of positive reports on TP’s WDW Chat.

My parents are in WDW right now for two weeks onsite and are having a really nice time.

I bought IAS (ILL) for them for Remy for today.

It’s nice that it takes the pressure off them having to stand in line.

The downside is cost of course, (and getting up early,) But thank goodness I’m a morning person.

It was tad glitchy this morning-kept refreshing to get the exact time I wanted, right before their Le Cellier lunch. :blush: