Maxpass irregularities in personalized touring plans

So, I’ve been noticing a lot lately that when I use Maxpass when making my plans, that lots of times fastpasses will be for time slots that start at the exact time I make the booking. Now, that wouldn’t be weird if it were It’s a Small World or something, but I’m getting it for RSR, at like three in the afternoon. I’m positive it doesn’t have immediate availability at that time. Is that happening for anybody else? Does anybody know WHY it’s happening?

I’m noticing the same thing. Went back to reoptimize some TP’s for an upcoming trip and this problem has thrown everything out of whack.

I would email to take a look. They are super helpful & usually pretty quick to respond because that does sound a lot like a quirk (although, last week I did spy at 2pm in the afternoon that RSR was only 20 minutes out into the future on MaxPass… so if the CLs are predcited to be LO-OW then it’s possible).